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My page has almost hit 20k pageviews, why I don't know but regardless I feel that I should explain some things.

I'm not exactly dead. Not really alive eaither but still, real life decided to deny me internet. My main computer died a horrible death just before last halloween and I've been unable to get a new one.


That may change soon since I now have a source of income.

So, yeah, watch this space.

Have fun:
So, yeah. I'm 22 years old now and still haven't done shit.
There's just no motivation to do stuff... and I've come to the realization that it's because I still live with my parents. But I can't more out until I can get a job that can actually fund a new house for me. Hell I'll take a 1 bedroom studio flat for rent I just need OUT OF HERE.

But nobody wants to give me monies, which creates a problem.

So.... what have I been doing OTHER than complaining...

Been playing a LOT of Team Fortress 2, specifically a mod called Versus Saxton Hale. It's fun, you should try it. I am undefeatable when I'm Hale.
I've also started getting into the MMO Neverwinter, it's surprisingly good, I've not had as much fun with an MMO since I started playing WoW.

Also, I've got about 3 or 4 animations in the pipeline on Source Filmmaker, that thing is a beast of an animation platform. It's the Adobe Flash of 3D. Seriously, try it.

That's all I have to say, nobody is gonna read this anyway I don't think because I don't do ANYTHING with deviantART, meh if anybody wants to do art trades or stuff just tell me. I'm doing nothing anyway other than playing games.

That's me done typing for now, have fun.

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Because people may or may not care about what I've been doing.

The big thing I've been doing is Source Filmmaker, been sinking a lot of time into that. About 5 or 6 weeks actually [and in all that time, I have about... 20 seconds of footage]
In the Flash side of things I have a couple of animations in the pipeline, sprites of course. I suck at drawing after all. but I also have a few drawings that are flash based as well [I simply prefer it as a drawing platform over Photoshop, but then again I've used Flash for so much longer than Photoshop]
I've been dabbling in making a custom CSS for my journal if I ever actually get premium status. I might get a month through the whole "Send in a Christmas card" so that's an idea.

Still unemployed unfortunately, nobody wants a computer-geek these days...

Apart from that I've been playing TF2, Armorines for the N64 and a few minutes with a bunch of other games.
So... yeah... that's that.


PS: I knew nobody would actually take me up on my offer of chatting in my Halloween journal post!
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Well it's that time of the year again, the only time when I am actually allowed to dress the way I do and act the way I do.

Had I remembered to actually draw/make something for Halloween you can rest assured it would have been neat, maybe I'll manage to finish something by tomorrow who knows...

So yeah... Halloween's meant to be the time for scares and to do stuff that frightens you... so how about I do something I wouldn't normally do.... like a visit to a dAmn chat room or a collab on iScribble or meetup in Spiral Knights or something.

Maybe play a multiplayer game with team chat with a game I have or even just a Skype Call?

[I know nobody is going to read this so these promises shall never be kept... I'm so smart]

Now to eat all the candy before the little kiddies come a-knocking! :iconzoomplz:
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Not written a journal thing for a while so I figured I may as well write something.

Been playing video games. When that got boring I played different ones.

I did recently get back into Pokémon though, been playing that like crazy; just trying to level up my new team. I even made a trainer-card png which you can find here:…

So yeah... that's... that's pretty much it.
Just found out I didn't get picked for the top 100 in the musically inspired design t-shirt contest. So that sucks.
And Flash died on me before I could save and lost SO much it's not even funny.
The id on the trainer card is real btw, that's my friend code.
Just sayin'...
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Your move.

    1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8
A ♖ ♘ ♗ ♔ ♕ ♗ ♘ ♖A

B ♙ ♙ ♙ ♙  _ ♙ ♙ ♙B

C  _  _  _  _  ♙ _  _  _ C

D  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _ D

E  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _ E

F  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _ F

G ♟ ♟ ♟ ♟ ♟ ♟ ♟ ♟G

H ♜ ♞ ♝ ♚ ♛ ♝ ♞ ♜H
    1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8

♙/♟ = Pawn

♖/♜ = Rook

♘/♞ = Knight

♗/♝ = Bishop

♕/♛ = Queen

♔/♚ = King

W: ♙ B5-C5  by FlashMan16

Instructions: Post a comment stating the Black player's move [for example; ♞ H2-F3. Keep it in the same vein as the history], if I receive more than one I take the first comment. The name of the person who made the move will be listed in the history. No undo's.
Standard chess rules apply, pawns can be upgraded to any unit except king or another pawn once at the end of the board, castling is allowed; if you don't know what that is then no worries.

Layout Instructions: I'll handle layout, if you want this for yourself then bear in mind that the chess pieces add a hidden space, the gaps between the empty slots are 2 spaces, while the gaps between actual pieces is just 1 space, so add or take away spaces accordingly :>

I found the chess pieces themselves on…
However I typed up the actual board myself. Go me. :icongrin-plz:
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That's basically it.

So much so that I've went on a rampage trying to dig up the games of my past again. Remember that one journal where I went off for ages about trying to find these 2 games?

I came to one hell of a realization.

I have a MAC at the time!

This changes EVERYTHING. Which was proven due to the fact that I actually found one of the games I remember from all that long time ago,…

So now, instead of hunting down 1990's MAC games, I'm trying to get mac to emulate on my pc.


Seriously, in order to play the game I want, Harry the Handsome Executive, I need to get a mac emulation running. But I can't use OSX because OSX ISN'T FREAKING COMPATIBLE. So I got BasiliskII which is a mac system 7 emulator. Which doesn't work on my computer for some ungodly reason.

So, I'm now trying to get OSX on my Windows XP, then run an OSX program to emulate system 7. Yup, an emulator within an emulator.


Also, commissions are still open.
gief your moneys D:
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Basically, I'm whoring myself by drawing your stuff for cash. The premise is simple enough and all conditions are laid out below:

For now, I do single-character drawings. I'll obviously branch into more interesting scenes but at the current time I only feel comfortable with..... shall we say profile shots? The examples I drew should be good enough explanation.

I do 3 types of drawing, Outline, Basic colour and full detail.

OUTLINE. . . . . . . . . . . . . £2

BASIC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £3

FULL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £6

All payments will be done through paypal since I can't be bothered setting up other means :meow:

Here's the important bit.
I require a 50% of the total cost paid upfront before I begin work on the commission. Think of it as a safety net for me and a sign of trust from you :)
If you do decide to take on my services I'll keep in contact with you a lot to ensure you're getting exactly what you pay for. I'm not going to bugger off for a week and come back with crap ;p

Naturally, I don't condone any racist, offensive, overly-violent, pedophiliac [including loli/shota], hardcore pornography or similar requests. Basically if it aint allowed on DeviantART then I won't draw it. That said for £10 extra I will do NSFW content for you since there seems to be a market for that, this includes nudes, teases, strips, innuendo, romance; you know, tasteful stuff.

Now for art styles, I generally prefer humanoid shapes but I'll attempt other forms if requested [If you wanted Deathwing, then I'd attempt Deathwing, if you wanted a naked furry chick, I'd attempt a naked furry chick]

My paypal details will be kept private unless contacted for a commission. More so to help me ensure I don't lose track of somebody who makes a payment than anything else :meow:

For the outline, and basic colour, I use Flash 8, a vector based animation program. I draw the sketch in Flash and work over that. For extreme details like hair or fur texture I'll draw the basic colour in Flash, bring it into Photoshop, then back into Flash again. [that's what I did with the hair on the full detail example]

I'm not the world's greatest artist, but I'd like to think I have my own style of things. :D

FULL EXAMPLE::::::::::…

[PS: I'm not open for Flash aniamtion commissions as of yet, since I suck at animation :P Unless you want a sprite movie or an interface of sorts, let's keep the commissions art-based]
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Uninteresting journal post imminent.

Basically, I'm 20 years old, living with my parents, with barely any money and playing videogames like an addiction. As such, progress on anything productive is either slow, or non-existant. I started many a project and they've all been ignored within weeks [Nobody cared about the AGS game weekly updates so I stopped typing em]. What can I say? Procrastination's a bitch but still fun.

Every day I help my dad by carrying his 100-odd parcels in and out of the house so he can deliver em, which seriously drains me. The onyl day off is Sunday and I'm too exhausted from the week to give a rats ass about anything important. I should have finished a whole lot more of this college stuff than I already have.

Hell even my current computer setup REALLY needs to be re-organised. I'm not using a desk, haven't for months now. The monitor's sitting on a chair which is sitting on a round storage box. My mouse-mat's the arm of my computer chair, the computer chair that has no wheel's and the central tube is so far down it's like it has one leg [I use 4 large shopping catalogues to keep the chair from falling over]. Their is a simple fix for all this, get the internet back up to my bedroom, but that's difficult considering it's much easier to spend all day down here. In the room that needs to be cleared to handle the parcels which currently swarm the living room.

I'm not "Unhappy" as it were, merely too lazy to change my current circumstances. The big thing I need is a regular... 'thing' I can do that ensures I churn out decent content. and I've tried a LOT of things to try and do just that, it's not that I WANT to be known only has a level 85 guildless Druid on WoW, or the Katarina-player on LoL, or the Demoman on TF2. I'd like to be recognised as FlashMan16. The dark lone soul who actually likes to help out while appearing like a baddie at the same time. I have a lot of story lines in my head, all decent enough if told properly, but the problem is I don't have the patience to either aniamte it or draw it. and let's face it, I'm not known nough for me to want to give a damn about it. [Why reate something that will never be viewed?]

I put out a few videos on Youtube in a vain attempt to emulate other channels in blind hope to gain some resemblance of fame like the few channels who attained it. Unsurprisingly that didn't really pan out. I can't even record myself playing video games because the hard drive I have is too small to use the un-ethically obtained FRAPS I have [it's amazing how much space a raw .avi file from FRAPS can take up, holy hell]

I'd do commissions if people asked em, whether art or flash files but nobody asks and I do nothing to advertise myself, whether by saying "Oh btw, I do commissions" or by putting up example art; speaking of art I never do much in that area. I have a reference sheet here that I've kinda sorta stopped working on for no real reason.

I have an idea for a unique top-down vertical scrolling shooter
that's skill-based. It's really awesoem in my head and could potentially support 2-4 player co-op and deathmatch, the prblem is that to make the game I need to spend the time drawing out all the art, making all the music, writing up all the code. Which to do so I'd need the program thast lets me do so, which costs over £2000.

2011 has basically been a slump for me, doesn't look like 2012'll be much better but you never know.

In other news, MLP Pitch-shit music remixes are usually better than the original music they parody. Just thought I'd fling that out there.

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Basically, I'm trying to find old [REALLY old] video games I used to play eons ago. I can't remember their names but I remember what they look like and how they felt while playing...

and it's driving me crazy ¬_¬

Been hunting for any of the games for weeks now to no avail... so I figured I may as well write up a DA journal about it since that's what these things seem to be for.

First of all, the Playstation game. There's only one of em so let's hope I can remember it well enough...
Basically, it's a war strategy game, where you take your tanks and shiz and try to kill the enemies base. I can't really remember if you built a base of your own but I think so... the big clue though is that the game was most certainly on one of the old playstation magazine demo games... the disks that had a big number on the front like 42?
I don't know if I'm mixing more than one disk together on this but i DO remember a monkey ball game [that only worked with the analogue stick], a Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver game [evil-ish dude... collected the souls of slain enemies... I think], and a demo movie for Metal Gear Solid [which was basically false advertising since Meryl and Snake so did not stand back to back in the Commanders Room firing at thin air.
Oh, there was a puzzle game involving blocks... think tetris but 2d and falling towards you and you had to run away from em or something silly like that... that was a fun game actually I should try and find that one too...

Anyway... the real bastards of games I'm trying to find...

The first one is a puzzle game, where you needed to get this blue powder stuff in a cave from the place it drops from to the place you colected it using various conveyor belts and struts and whatnot.
Almost similar to lemmings in terms of graphic  and play style, though i think simpler, and just the blue powder stuff, maybe gems or salt or something I dunno but it was blue. With a rather greyish whitish rocky terrain you had to navigate. [all based in underground caves naturally]

That's the first one out the way, the 2nd is different yet I remember it well. It was a text adventure with graphics, you typed in what you wanted to do. Like "Fill canteen" or "Eat Chicken", stuff like that.
Now the game or at least the parts I played were based in an arab-style desert city, with a marketplace to the right and the castle place [might have been a palace... yea probably a palace] to the left. I remember well you could get chicken drumsticks early on [my dad taught me to use simple commands in order to eat said chicken] and when you went left one of the first things you saw was a trough or something with lukewarm water you coudl fill your canteen with [i remember the word lukewarm and canteen very clearly]. At some point there was a mirror hidden somewhere inside the palace place you could smash for no reason, I remember that.

Hmm... both of those were on a game disk or demo disk I think... I should search for that... there was a star wars RTS game I remember as well..

Now for the real hazy stuff...

There was a horror-themed cartoonish game that was 3d, top down but angled slightly [if you've seen any League of Legends gameplay, that camera angle... maybe a bit higher] and the guy you played had a rather large head... red top maybe? You had to bash the undead in with a mallet though.

There was also a game I never got to play once... we bought it but didn't have the floppy drive to play it, the box looked incredible though.
If my memory does not fail me, the game involved little fuzzy creatures [think of the Gobbo's from Croc, Legend of the Gobbo's] and crystals of some descript, it was 2d, sprited, and the game was spread over 6 floppy disks. The box was brown and artisticly styled...

There was also a 3d 1st person horror game that had a similar gameplay style to say Duke Nukem 3d or Doom, sprited enemies and whatnot in a 3d land. It was a very dark [in terms of colour] game yet I remember you start off in a boat, that's docked, with a pistol. When you exit the boat the first building you come across to the left of the boat [which would be rto your right since the path goes that way] is a house, and inside said house is a blue female ghost thing that keeps appearing and disappearing [still dunno why it did that]. The game i THINK involved a mansion and you have to solve the horrible mystery surrounding it while fighting off dogs and whatnot

I think that's it so far... if ONLY I could remember the NAMES of the damn games...
Memory, y u no work?
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So yeah, in my quest to find a job of SOME description, a while back I sent all manners of emails and info out everywhere. Who'd of thunk that one of em would reply?

I totally forgot sending the request out until I got a phone call which was basically "Oh btw, here's an interview tomorrow kthnxbai"

Said interview was for me to be enrolled into Train2Game, which'll give me an actual diploma I can use to get into game designing.
So yeeeeaaaaahh.... at least this education course thing is all done at home. Now I can forget to hand in homework in the comfort of my own home!

To be honest I'm still unsure about the whole thing, the learning part seems fun don't get me wrong but it's just... I guess I can't get around the suspicion of this being fake or a scam of some kind. i've done the research and from what I can tell Train2Game does seem to be legit, but it's just... I dunno. Can't really put it into words. I've had no reason or any evidence that says I shouldn't do this, but all the same...

Well I can look at this in my view, or in a psychological view...

My view... I'm untrusting of anything that seems too good to be true and due to my personality that also places distrust on anything new...educational enviroments were never really beneficial to me in the past so that's perhaps another reason why I'm so mistrusting that this will give me a diploma that will be a great leeway into a game designing career...

From a psychological standpoint this may simply be attributed to the face that I don't like change. Anything that disturbs the equilbrium I've grown accustomed to would make me edgy and/or anxious. Since this is a rather major undertaking [2 year course costing 5k] I guess I would love a solid quantifiable reason for this to be fake so I can go back to the cosy warmth of this security blanket i call a bedroom.

I guess time will tell whether or not this is a load of bullcrap. The documents and all the jazz I looked over [And I don't mean glanced, I made her sit there for 2 hours while I read every detail... 'her' being the interviewer who came to my house] were all good and what I expected, some of the documents had a similar appearence to the documents I had to fill out for Motherwell College.

If anybody actually decided to read through this... what do you think of the situation?
Some quick info before you reply...

Train2Game website [They're basically a college designed to train people looking for a career in the gaming industry specifially]:

Tiga [the peeps who Train2Game is associated with and what will appear on the final dimploma at the end of the course:

Dr Studios [the peeps who first came up with the idea for Train2Game]:
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Life, y u no leave me alone? I'll explain in a journal after this one because hey this is a weekly update and not  ... well... a journal... i know what I mean dammit.

AGs... AGS.. what DID I do this week...?
I want to say I completed Jake's sprites [a character who you interact with] but they're still being made...
Guess I'm being lazy.


I still need to figure out backgrounds... of all 3 designs I came up with all 3 look terribad...

I'll have a better update next week! Promise!
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Didn't do a damn thing regarding graphics this week. Why? I decided to write out the storyline of course :D

I had the general idea in my head certainly, but no specifics. Like where Valerye should go, where the bulk of the story takes place [On the island? In some demonic dimension? in an uninhabited forest on the island? I've answered if but no spoilers for you!], The names of other characters, their importance, personalities.
All that junk basically... I've almost got it sorted all out.

Still need to find a way to make decent looking backgrounds...

In other news, in the newspapers there was an artical where a brother and sister had sex in an elevator in a train station, then the brother gave her a £20 note "as a brother" and not for sex, apparently.

Why do I say this? They used to live across the street from us...
Isn't Scotland such a fun place?
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I recently found one of the many blank cd's lying around the house, I play with em a lot for some reason so there's a lot of crap on a lot of disks...

The one I just found however, happens to have a treasure trove of LOADS of old sprite projects I did and abandoned many years ago.... They all suck really bad in terms of quality but I'm thinking of shoving em all together just for the hell of it...

Then shove on a new sprite animation thing at the end to show I'm not as bad today... :>

Dunno when it'll be done but it should be a larf

That is all.
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This is gonna be one or 2 days late [depending on where you live] but I have a good reason for not being puncutal!

Basically, a virus decided I wasn't allowed the internet, at all.
Actually, I was impressed by the destructive power of this virus, because it only went ripped the hearts out of all my current anti-virus programs and shut down my internet access through the network connections manager. [AVG, Spybot, all of em didn't have anything left, couldn't scan or anything]. With that done other viruses moved in and started causes search redirects and shoved in malware and all sorts of nasty business [Couldn't open ANY programs due to windoes permissions being screwed over]. Not even 3 system restores got rid of the original virus but I think I managed to tame it at last, I'm able to finally write this up after all :>

There's a couple of process running right now which I know for a fact to be unkind in nature, Wservice.exe and 887527966:3781499339.exe
Naturally I wasn't allowed to install any other virus removal programs to get rid of the problem without getting blue screens so I've had to try a number of different things but I think the problem's finally subsided.... for now.

Anyways... the point of these weekly updates is to provide an update of my AGS game production, not personal issues ^^;
Sadly, I've done next to nothing in terms of graphic production for the game since I was worked up tryiong to get rid of the viruses... but I did try and make a background or 2 and have learned something important in background production.
I am horrible at background creation.

I'll need to examine how other games have their backgrounds and try to replicate the techniques used I guess...

So how was your week?

Oh yea I applied for a jobseekers allowance since I'm still jobless... woofreakinhoo.
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It's Firday already? How time sure does fly when you're doing bugger all.

Amazingly there's less done this week than last week, but I have a good reason! Sorta...

IRL crises and all that, tends to slow down gaming production somewhat.
Hopefully it's all settled down but you never know...

Anyway what I've been working on this week is more sprites. not the most fun thing in the world, I wanna get into the actual game production :<

But can't make a game without the graphics to do it :P

Those sprites I was working on are in fact a butler character. Because come on, EVERY horror game needs a butler right?
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A weekly update was promised and a weekly update I shall give :meow:

Basically, I spent my time working on the main character sprites. I had to draw them all from scratch and then try and make it not look completely horrible. I've got the basic sets out of the way, Moving up, down, left and right [no, I couldn't flip the left to right sprites since she isn't symmetrical] as well as the standings still ones. Still not really happy with her leg in the standing still but I'll see if I can find a fix later...

I've submitted a new deviation, a little flash file showing the animation of Valerye walking towards the screen. It's deliberately based on the same style as the characters in the Defoe series :>

If you've not seen the deviation click…

I realise 1 character's animations isn't a lot in a week but it was hard work D: However now that I have these generic movement sprites I can work on other characters much faster, it's easier to edit a foundation than build a new one after all :meow:

So to make my first weekly update thingy a bit more... full, here's a bit of story involved with the game, if you don't want to know wwhat he game's going to be basically about, don't read anything else in this post!

You have been warned :)

The game will be called Valerye's Holiday, it'll be a pseudo-horror game [not hardcore horror but with strong horror themes] and it will follow one of my characters Valerye. She has won the lottery after playing for the first time and decided to take a holiday on an island resort in the middle of nowhere. Valerye has never had a very exciting life, unemployed and living off of benefits she basically tries and maker her way through life just like everybody else. She's happy and bubbly most of the time with a number of good friends yet at times she feels strangely alone.
Upon arriving at the island the few people who she does see seem to be disappearing. There is a malevolent presence on the island and it soon becomes clear that Valerye is to be the focal point of a terrible horror. . .
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There's no way on God's green Earth I can create the game I would LIKE to create with my current funding [which is £0 per annum atm].

HOWEVER, I recently played the Defoe series of video games and tbh, I've always liked that style of simple game. An interactive story with nostalgic values of graphics [Comeon... old really is better in the gaming world, simpler games from simpler times and all that good jazz]

After doing a wee bit of research on the matter I discovered that the software used to create the Defoe series was AGS - Adventure Game Studio.
AGS itself is free to use but would be a hassle to make a commercial game from it considering all the different licenses of all the components in the program. Not impossible by any stretch but my best choice would be the way the creator of the Defoe series did things, make the game free but offer a Special Edition version for a small fee. Or something. I'll do that a slightly different way actually. . .

ANYWAY, if you're unsure what an AGS game is why not play the Defoe series yourself? They're free point-and-click adventure style games with horror elements and very spritey graphics. In fact here's a… to the first of the 4 games [5 Days a Stranger, 7 Days a Skeptic, Trilby's Notes and 6 Days a Sacrifice, get the Special Editions since the author of the games made em free as well :>]

So, if you've not worked it all out by now, I heavily plan to create my own AGS game, in fact I've already started drawing up some backgrounds and sprites necessary.

And unlike other things I said I was gonna do and forgot about, I'll make a weekly update on DA concerning progress.
TAKE THAT PROCRASTINATION! So... today's date is Friday 2nd of September... yeah Friday seems like a good enough day. Every week sometime on Friday it is.

Christ I'm gonna need to find that music editing thing that guy used. . .

Nobody said it was gonna be easy but that aint stopping me. If I wanna get into the game designing business, it would tend to help if I actually had some games in a portfolio instead of just promises.

Also, the graphic style's gonna be similar to the Defoe series for shits and giggles. I'll email the author of the Defoe series about I'm the game making after it's made :meow:
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If you do... Yeeeeeaaaaaahh.....

You may want to reconsider your choice thar.

I've been offline for.... a while now, not that anybody would know or care because let's face it, I'm probably the only one who's reading this.

Since it's likely that I AM the only one reading this: REMEMBER. Get revenge on T******E****.

So why do I say Talk-Talk should be shut down? Just because they wanted us to pay the same month's bill twice and shut down our service for a week when we obviously said no.

So after a lot of good old rage to other countries and then an Irish person [I was surprised too] we now pay half each month and a few other benefits like minutes and nonsense that I don't care about.

Aaaaallllrighty if you're still here then remember to take a shower because goddammit I can smell me from here and it's not a pleasant fragrance,

oh and if anybody else is actually reading this then ignore that top one, unless you're a basement sweller too in which case take a bath.

So how did the nonsense with TalkTalk come about?
I think it begun waaay back in Feb when we payed TalkTalk using my account since there was not enough in the other.

That, apparently caused problems.

They still TOOK the money, but they decided it would be funny to shut down our service and demand it again.

out-of-country customer services are SHITE btw, in every sense of the word.
"If you did pay it then we would not be talking right now"

Shurrup jackass.
We even proved we payed it, we sent statements and emails and even got the bank manager to write a letter himself to prove we payed them the money.

They never recieved it. I lawled.

This basically went on for ages when the Irish peep I mentioned earlier actually did something to make it all better
I dunno what since it was mother who did the callings.

But yea...
Don't ffs get talktalk unless you like indian-sounding people cutting you off while on hold while you try and prove you gave them money while your internet's shut off.

Thank god for my vast amount of crap game cd's...
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I are making one.

Just thought I'd share that.

Gonna be like a murder mystery thingy where you crash into an island and try to find shelter in the nearby guard tower which is eerily deserted and from various signposts learn what happened in Verastsia [the town name] and eventually get to the root of the horror within.

So far, all I has is the starting point, the guard tower, one long minecart ride, the minecart station in Veratsia and half of the town's smithery completed.

Oh, and I'm using Pistons as much as I can.

Redstone circuitry hurts the brain.

That is all.

[I may put out a video when I have enough to actually put in a video]
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